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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does membership cost?
    Membership to Travel is free! If you have ever shopped online at, and, chances are you’re already a member, so just sign in! If you’re a new customer, just sign up as a Bon-Ton member to view our exclusive discounted travel prices, and shop our full range of products.
  • Why aren't prices visible in search results?
    Our accommodation partners offer private, exclusive discounts to our members. As a result, you must be signed in to view the prices.
  • What is travel cash?
    Coming Soon
  • Where can I use the travel cash?
    Coming Soon
  • Where can I earn travel cash?
    You can earn travel cash on select online purchase at,,
  • Can I book flights, cruises or experiences?
    At the moment we only offer accommodation bookings in hotels, resorts and private rentals.
  • Are bookings cancellable?
    Most bookings are fully refundable if you cancel before the cancellation deadline.
    However, some bookings are non-refundable. Please see the checkout screen or booking receipt to see if the booking is refundable or not.
    If you cancel a non-refundable booking, or cancel your booking after the cancellation deadline, you are not eligible for a refund.
    You can cancel bookings online. If your booking's free cancellation deadline has passed, you may have to pay a fee. If you made a non-refundable booking, you will have to pay the entire cost of your stay. Check your itinerary for details.
    If you don't check in during your booking’s check-in hours, or never show up without canceling first, the booking may charge you a no-show penalty fee. This fee can vary, so check your itinerary for your booking’s policies.
  • How does check-in & check-out work?
    You can find your booking’s check-in time and phone number in your confirmation email you will receive after online payment.

    You will need a government-issued ID to check in (ie passport or driver’s licence).
    You can check in to most accommodations anytime between their earliest check-in time and midnight - the exact check-in times will be in your confirmation email.
    To request an earlier check-in time, call your accommodation directly.
    If you will arrive after midnight, please contact the booking directly to ensure they hold your room.

    You can check out any time before the check-out time on the last day of your booking.
    To request a late check-out time, call your accommodation directly. If approved, additional charges may apply.
    To read your booking’s check-in/check-out policy and details, please see your confirmation email or view your booking online.
  • How are hotels sorted?
    Our default sort order reflects the relevance of properties to your search criteria, as we want to make sure you are able to quickly and easily find the offer that is right for you.
    We measure relevance by taking into account factors such as: a property's location, its review scores, the popularity of the property (measured by how many travelers on our site make bookings at that property), the quality of the content provided by the property, and the competitiveness of the property's rates and availability – all of which are relative to other properties meeting your chosen search criteria.
    The compensation which a property pays us for bookings made through our sites is also a factor for the relative ranking of properties with similar offers, based on the relevance factors described above.
    On our non-default sorts (for example, if you sort by price or by star rating), we will order properties with similar results based on the factors above.
  • Can I add a guest's name to my booking?
    Before you confirm a booking, you'll be able to change the name of the guest checking in at the checkout screen.